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Albo Albo Pile Turner Pile Turner [ID: 405]

Used Albo " Albo Pile Turner Pile Turner Machine
Used Albo " Albo Pile Turner Pile Turner Thumnail Photo One
Used Albo " Albo Pile Turner Pile Turner Thumnail Photo Two
Used Albo " Albo Pile Turner Pile Turner Thumnail Photo Three

Machine Specs

ID: 405

Machine Details

Albo Pile Turner New in 2007 with Air and Jog features

Machine Features

  • Aeration
  • Jogging
  • Pile Turning

Ready to Ship

"Ready to ship" means the machine is available for quick shipment from our showroom or our warehouse. Since each machine is unique please contact us and we can let you know an estimated timeline and the process to prepare the machine you may be interested in for delivery.

Machine Condition

Certified Used Machine

Buying a certified used machine is the most economical way to purchase a paper cutter or piece of handling equipment. Most of these machines come with a limited thirty-day parts warranty from C&P. Certified used machines are generally not repainted and may show some signs of wear. However, these machines are cleaned and tested before shipment. We certify that everything on the machine is in working order and that nothing is missing, broken or show signs of severe wear. All necessary tools, guards and manuals will be packaged and shipped with the machine which will be professionally packed up for transport.

Photo Notice:
The photo shown is a file photo that depicts a machine similar to the model we have for sale. A photo was not available of the actual machine.

This machine is FOR SALE.

Fill out the form below or give us a call at 1.800.932.0780 for more information about the Albo Albo Pile Turner.

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