Cutting Through The Years

Three Generations of Experience

Seybold Precision in 1932


Hagman & Peterson Founded

Eric Peterson and Bill Hagman formed Hagman and Peterson, a company specializing in the servicing of paper cutters. Working out of their small NYC location, the six-person operation began servicing and rebuilding Harris-Seybold paper cutters.


Changed to Peterson & Sons

The company reincorporated under the name Peterson & Sons Inc.

Peterson & Sons is born
Colter & Peterson the cutter people


Colter & Peterson Formed

Roy Colter Paper Cutter Service Inc. merged with Peterson and Sons Inc., forming Colter & Peterson Inc.


First PRISM® & SABER® Paper Cutters Sold

Since their debut, Prism and Saber paper cutters have remained among the top performers in the marketplace. Both models have proven track records of performance and reliability.

PRISM & SABER paper cutters
Colter & Peterson reconditions three-knife trimmers


Colter & Peterson purchases AMATCO

Colter & Peterson started reconditioning three-knife trimmers and various models of paper cutters at their 46,000 square foot facility located in Des Moines, Iowa.


Colter & Peterson Buys Harris-Seybold Assets

In March 2002, Colter & Peterson purchased the remaining assets of the Harris-Seybold paper cutter business.

Colter & Peterson buys Harris-Seybold paper cutters
Colter & Peterson buys Microcut computer system


Colter & Peterson purchases the assets of GMS

Colter & Peterson took over manufacturing of the full line of Microcut® computer retrofits in Petaluma, California.


Colter & Peterson Buys Dexter Lawson Assets

In July 2003, Colter & Peterson purchased the remaining assets of the Dexter Lawson paper cutter business.

Colter & Peterson buys Lawson paper cutters
Colter & Peterson Buys Pacific Paper Cutters


Colter & Peterson Purchases Pacific Paper Cutters

In January 2004, Colter & Peterson purchased Pacific Paper Cutters, Inc. of Vernon, CA. With this acquisition, Colter & Peterson expanded its support structure to cover Southern California and the entire Southwest USA.


C&P Begins Representing Schneider Engineering.

Schneider Engineering purchased the assets of Knorr Systems, which Colter & Peterson had also represented. This allowed Colter & Peterson to offer a full line of peripheral paper handling equipment.

Colter & Peterson's peripheral paper handling equipment
extra large wide format paper cutters


Colter & Peterson Installs Its First 110” SABER XXL Paper Cutter and Its First 141” SABER X-15 Plus Paper Cutter.

The size range of new machines now offered by Colter & Peterson extends from 27” to 141”.


CHM Twin Knife

Precision Sheeter introduced to the US market. This versatile sheeter is available in 57” and 67” models.

CHM Precision Twin Knife Sheeter
Colter & Peterson patents SABER paper cutter


Colter & Peterson Installs Its 1,000th PRISM and 1,000th SABER Paper Cutter.

Microcut shipped its 15,000th system.Colter & Peterson also installed its 10,000th paper cutter (new, used or rebuilt). Patents are issued to Colter & Peterson for the unique technology incorporated into its SABER paper cutters.


New Colter & Peterson Headquarters.

Colter & Peterson moved to its new 26,000 square foot corporate headquarters in West Caldwell, New Jersey.

Colter & Peterson NJ headquarters