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microcut support

Technical support for Microcut units.

All microcut systems are designed to run trouble free. Should service be required, C&P Microsystems can provide technical support using self-diagnostic systems, telephone and internet support, and a worldwide network of dealers. The industry leader with over 25,000 worldwide installations, microcut delivers the finest, most intelligent products in the area of industrial guillotine paper cutter automation. We’re here to help.

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Looking for a Manual?

We have maunals for all our microcut units posted for download.
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Repair Policy Older Units

Microcut® control systems have been manufactured since 1977 and it must be understood that older units either have reached, or are approaching, the end of their practical life. While we will continue to do what we can to support these systems we can no longer warranty the repair of some of the older systems because of a lack of reliability in these older, often no longer manufactured, components. Please contact us for information on specific models.

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