Paper Unloaders

Keep your jobs moving, no matter the size.

Standard Size Paper Unloader Machines

PRISM Paper Unloader standard size
PRISM Paper Unloader standard size

PRISM® Paper Unloaders

The PRISM Paper Unloader is a heavy duty and cost effective addition to any cutting process. Its reliable, smooth operation - facilitated by a stainless steel transfer table with dual paddles that place piles of cut materials on the skid within seconds - normally increases cutting productivity by as much as 40%. It can be ordered to be used on the right or left side of your paper cutter.


  • Laser positioning for increased accuracy
  • 10.4” color touch screen for machine control
  • Low pressure air table with blower
  • Efficient German Nord motor
  • Flexible anti-collision safety bar

PRISM Industrial Paper Unloaders Specifications

PRISM Paper Unloader specs
Note: Specifications subject to change without notice

Large Format Paper Unloader Machines

Schneider Engineering Large Format Paper Unloader
Schneider Engineering Large Format Paper Unloader

Schneider Engineering® Paper Unloader

Schneider Engineering Paper Unloaders are built for custom and larger format applications to accelerate the unloading and positioning of printed sheet material on skids. Schneider Engineering unloaders allow for greater capacity and increased operator safety, as well as a variety of ream dimensions.

Industrial Paper Unloader Machine Features

  • High load capacity
  • Grippers for easy product movement
  • Fully adaptable, rugged design