SABER X-15 Plus cutters
SABER X-15 Plus cutters


Introducing the

141" SABER® X-15 Plus Paper Cutter

One of the largest guillotine paper cutters on the market today, the SABER X-15 Plus features a computerized back gauge system, 5" maximum cut height, multiple air blower motors, and infrared safety eye beams.

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“We print a lot of card stock, coroplast and styrene for an endless list of items and run it all through the SABER”

Bill Bratton, Britten Studios

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Auto Waste Removal

See the SABER Auto Waste Removal in action.

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Auto Knife Adjustment

See the SABER Auto Knife Adjustment in action.

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Why is a SABER X-15 Plus the best large format paper cutter on the market?

  • Microcut Wide Screen (15”) computerized back gauge system featured on SABER paper cutters:
    • Back gauge speed variable up to 16” per second
    • Color touch screen
    • CIP3/4 compatible
    • Network ready
    • Management information system (MIS) included
  • 141” maximum cut length wide format cutter
  • 141” maximum cut width wide format cutter
  • 5” maximum cut height
  • 9” minimum cut length
  • Heavy duty 8” wide clamp
  • Combination ball bearing lead screw and linear-bearing back gauge
  • Stainless Steel/Chrome table surfaces with low pressure air jets
  • Multiple air blower motors for low pressure air table
  • Programmable from Microcut computer, a feature of the SABER cutter
  • Clamp operated by heavy duty hydraulic cylinder under center of table
  • Hydraulic oil cooling included
  • Variable clamping force from 500 - 20,000 lbs
    • Programmable from Microcut computer
  • Variable knife speed to assist cutting various product types
  • Knife operated by hydraulic cylinders located at each side of the knife beam below table level
  • Knife change device using a central lifting unit in knife beam
  • Knife height setting and leveling is fully automated from Microcut computer
  • Foot treadle operation for soft clamping is coupled with infrared eye beam curtains for safety
  • Energy efficient main motors operate only during cutting and clamping
  • 480 volt, 3 phase, 60Hz, 40 amp power required
  • Infrared safety eye beams
  • Push button safety controls (3 operator stations)
  • Meets all US machine safety standards, CSA, and CE safety requirements
  • Two high-speed blades
  • Twelve plastic cutting sticks
  • Parallel or eccentric cut option

SABER X-15 Plus Specifications

SABER X-15 Plus Specs
Note: Specifications subject to change without notice