Microcut for legacy paper cutters
Microcut for legacy paper cutters


Smart Automation, Smarter Performance

Technology moves quickly. The first thing to become obsolete on a paper cutter is the computer. The microcut® allows you to completely replace your computer to automate jobs, increase productivity and bring new life to an older paper cutter.

Microcut paper cutter controls

Let microcut® make your paper cutter smarter. Developed by C&P Microsystems, the world leader in paper cutter automation, microcut for guillotine cutters can update the backgauge movement on any legacy paper cutter, offering increased productivity, greater accuracy, and improved reliability. The addition of microcut software will optimize the performance of any used guillotine paper cutter, easily giving it a higher level of performance for a fraction of the cost of a new machine.

It all starts with the easy-to-use operator interface: setup and programming is fast and simple, with no complicated codes to memorize. The backgauge position is clearly shown using the unit of measurement you prefer. Advanced programming options allow complicated jobs to be initiated with only a few keystrokes. Easily enter fractions, lay changes, additions, or make deletions. Non-volatile memory ensures you never lose data. And the microcut PLUS WS is CIP3/4-enabled and network compatible.

Not even the most skilled operator can correctly position the backgauge as quickly and as accurately as microcut. Couple that with automatic data entry that turns setup time into production time, and you’ll see significant increases in productivity—often 50% or more.

All microcut systems are designed to run trouble free for many years. Should service be required, C&P Microsystems can provide technical support using self-diagnostic systems, telephone and internet support, and a worldwide network of dealers. The industry leader with over 25,000 worldwide installations, microcut delivers the finest, most intelligent products in the area of industrial guillotine paper cutter automation.

microcut Models & Features

Each model has the following unique features:

Microcut JR features
microcut JR
  • LCD graphical display
  • 2000 cut locations with 6-character job selection
  • Limited to paper cutters up to 37” in size
Microcut Color WS features
microcut COLOR WS
  • NEW 10” Color, wide format touch screen
  • Windows®-based operating system
  • Graphic interface
  • USB for software update
  • For all sizes of paper cutters
Microcut Plus WS features
microcut PLUS WS
  • 12” Color, wide format touch screen
  • Windows®-based operating system
  • Graphic interface
  • Virtually unlimited memory capacity
  • USB port for data exchange and software update
  • CIP3/4 capable
  • Network compatible
  • For all sizes of paper cutters

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microcut Standard Features

  • Modular, solid state circuitry
  • DC motor drive
  • Microprocessor-controlled, infinitely variable backgauge drive
  • Repeatability of backgauge position to +/-.002 inches (.05 mm)
  • Automatic backgauge return
  • Measurements in inches, centimeters, millimeters or sun
  • Program entry or correction through the keyboard with the backgauge stationary or while cutting the lift
  • Automatic computation and entry of fractions
  • Insertion or deletion of commands from existing programs
  • Stock eject, turnaround, loading points, and job information
  • Infinite lay compensate mode for as many sides as requested
  • Non-volatile memory—no batteries required for memory support
  • Optional auxiliary controls for air table
  • Speed range: 24 - 960 inches per minute, both forward and reverse, depending on size and condition of cutter
  • Self-diagnostic electronics
  • Electrical: 85 - 265 VAC, 50/60 Hz @ 1 KVA
  • Warrantied for one year from date of shipment against defects in parts and workmanship