Paper Loaders

Lift the efficiency of your paper cutting process to new levels

Standard Size Machines

PRISM Paper Loader standard size
PRISM Paper Loader standard size

PRISM® Paper Loader

PRISM Paper Loaders are high-volume, high-production machines built to streamline your cutting process. These heavy duty machines pick up and transport material to the front of the guillotine paper cutter. The ergonomic design allows cutting lines to transport sheets faster and more easily. It can be ordered for use on the right or left side of your industrial paper cutter.

Paper Loader Machine Features

  • Laser for increased accuracy
  • 10.4” color touch screen for machine controls
  • Pneumatic gripper for loading and transporting
  • Efficient German Nord® motor
  • Flexible anti-collision safety bar

Paper Loader Machine Specifications

PRISM Paper Loader specs
Note: Specifications subject to change without notice

Large Format Paper Loader Machines

Schneider Engineering Large Format Paper Loader
Schneider Engineering Large Format Paper Loader

Schneider Engineering® Paper Loader

Schneider Engineering tailors its loaders for custom needs and larger-format, heavy paper load applications. Using a specially engineered precision gripper, Schneider Engineering paper loaders increase the precision and accuracy of loading onto industrial paper cutters.


  • Fully Adaptable, Rugged Design
  • Precision Guiding Systems
  • Photo Eye for Precision Leveling