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The largest selection of in-stock Certified Used and Reconditioned guillotine paper cutters and paper handling equipment for sale in the world. Here you'll find the perfect used paper cutter, paper jogger machine, Challenge cutter, Polar cutter, Seybold cutter, Lawson paper cutter and more.


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Used Paper Cutters & Handling Equipment In Stock

Used 54" Saber Paper Cutter S137 Machine
54" Saber Paper Cutter
Model: S137
Condition: Reconditioned Machine

ID: 464
Used 45" Saber Paper Cutter 115 Machine
45" Saber Paper Cutter
Model: 115
Condition: Reconditioned Machine

ID: 332
Used 54" Saber Cutting System 137 Machine
54" Saber Cutting System
Model: 137
Condition: Certified Used

ID: 377
Buying a reconditioned industrial guillotine machine

Buying a reconditioned industrial guillotine machine over a new one is for most businesses a win-win proposition: your shop saves money while still getting a reliable machine that will last for years. But it requires doing a little homework first. We’ll try to help by answering the most common questions about rebuilt hydraulic cutting machines.

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