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45" Saber 116S Paper Cutter [ID: 478]

Used Saber 45" 116S Paper Cutter Machine
Used Saber 45" 116S Paper Cutter Thumnail Photo One
Used Saber 45" 116S Paper Cutter Thumnail Photo Two
Used Saber 45" 116S Paper Cutter Thumnail Photo Three
Used Saber 45" 116S Paper Cutter Thumnail Photo Three

Machine Specs

ID: 478

  • Type: Certified Paper Cutter
  • Make: Saber
  • Model: 116S
  • Size: 45"
  • Sheet Width: 45"
  • Sheet Depth: 45"

Machine Details

This is a Certified 45” (116cm) Saber paper cutter. This machine has a cutting width and depth of 45” (116cm). This machine comes with a Microcut computer control system. The large 30” (76cm) x 40” (100cm) chromed side tables are ideal for efficient movement of cut materials. The machine has an air table to aid in movement of large piles and comes with knives, sticks, tools and guards. A one year parts warranty is included.

Machine Features

  • Updated Microcut computer controls
  • Large 30” X 40” chromed side tables
  • Air table
  • All knives, sticks, tools and guards
  • One year parts warranty

Machine Condition

Certified Machine

Buying a Certified machine is an economical way to purchase a paper cutter or piece of paper handling equipment. These machines come with a limited ninety-day parts warranty from C&P. Certified machines are generally not repainted and may show some signs of wear. However, these machines are thoroughly cleaned and tested before shipment. We certify that everything on the machine is in working order and that nothing is missing, broken or unduly worn. All necessary tools, guards and manuals will be packaged and shipped with the machine which will be professionally packed up for transport.

Machine Options

This Machine Can Be Reconditioned to Order

Reconditioning is a process used to give that machine a like new and productive life with a one-year parts warranty. This provides a cost-effective alternative to buying a new machine.

Learn more about our reconditioning process

A reconditioned machine is completely stripped down, disassembled and inspected in our full-service rebuilding facility. We thoroughly clean the machine base, frame, and all components. We identify worn parts and either repair or replace them. When necessary we then restore guiding surfaces to like-new tolerances by machining or replacing relevant components. Repainting is an option but may not performed on all machines if the initial appearance is very good. We then reassemble the refreshed paper cutter, update it as requested and conduct thorough testing to ensure it’s running up to our quality standards in peak condition before we prepare it for shipment. All necessary knives, sticks, tools, guards and manuals are always shipped with the reconditioned machine.

We take tremendous pride in our reconditioning process. Our reconditioning team has decades of experience with all makes and models of paper cutters and paper handling equipment.

Brand History

Saber paper cutters are designed and engineered by Colter & Peterson and were first introduced in 1995. Saber X-15 industrial paper cutters utilize two heavy duty dual gear boxes to ensure powerful, precise cutting. Offered in sizes ranging from 37 to 62"

This Saber Paper Cutter is FOR SALE.

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