Colter & Peterson Refurbishes Paper Cutters
Colter & Peterson Refurbishes Paper Cutters

Retool + Rebuild = Reborn

Reconditioned paper cutters from Colter & Peterson

Colter & Peterson knows paper cutters: With over 85 years of experience and the unrivaled knowledge that goes with it, we are the premier rebuilder of used guillotine cutters in the U.S. We take used paper cutters from our inventory of over 200 used machines and restore them to factory-fresh condition, which allows us to offer our customers a cost-effective alternative to buying a new one.

Here's How We Do It

How we repair old paper cutter machines: Step One: Inspect

STEP 1 : Disassembly & Inspection

First, we completely disassemble and inspect the machine in our full-service rebuilding facility. We thoroughly clean the machine base, frame, and all components. We identify worn parts and either repair or replace them.

How we repair old paper cutter machines: Step Two: Repair Cutter components

STEP 2 : Machining & Updating of Major Components

Next, we restore guiding surfaces to like-new tolerances by machining all relevant components: machine frames, guiding surfaces, and clamp and knife carriers. We make sure that any components we replace meet the manufacturer’s original specifications. When required, we also update the machine’s electrical wiring, control panels, hydraulics, and pneumatic systems.

How we repair old paper cutter machines: Step Three: Paint Cutting Machine

STEP 3 : Painting (Optional)

Before putting the paper cutter back together, we prime and paint interior and exterior components on the machine to make them gleam like new.

How we repair old paper cutter machines: Step Four: Test Cutting Machine

STEP 4 : Reassembly & Testing

We then reassemble the refreshed industrial paper cutter and conduct thorough testing to ensure it’s up to current standards and is running in peak condition before we make it available to our customers. You’ll be satisfied with nothing less, and neither will we.

Get superior quality and unbeatable value from a reconditioned paper cutter.