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Tri-State Knife: Over 65 Years of Knife Sharpening

With over 65 years of experience using state of the art sharpening and honing machines, Tri-State Knife has become the leading blade service provider on the East Coast. Our numerous blade sharpening, honing, and straightening machines, combined with our experienced knife grinders, route drivers, and sales professionals, allow Tri-State Knife to provide the quality precision sharpening and professional service that customers have come to appreciate.

Let us show you there is a difference. Contact Tri-State Knife for all your knife sharpening and grinding needs. We also sell new paper knives, slitters, sheeter blades, trimmers, cutting sticks, saw blades, and paper drills.

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Operating daily delivery routes from its 10,000 square foot facility in Robbinsville, New Jersey into the bustling streets of Manhattan, through the suburbs and streets of Philadelphia and as far south as Delaware, Tri-State Knife provides its customers with the fast, efficient turnaround they need to avoid unnecessary downtime.

Contact Tri-State today to check availability and place a service request. 1.800.336.6260


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