Paper Joggers

Align your material with a paper jogger machine for accuracy and efficiency.

Standard Size Machines

PRISM Paper Jogger Standard Size
PRISM Paper Jogger Standard Size

PRISM Paper Jogger

Available in a variety of sizes, the PRISM Paper Jogger for paper cutting machines is a productivity work horse. The European design smoothly removes all trapped air in a paper stack to create a solid, square pile that will ensure maximum cutting accuracy. High quality, heavy duty, and cost effective: PRISM Paper Joggers will create a more efficient cutting line that could increase your productivity up to 30%.

PRISM Paper Joggers Features

  • Stainless steel table surfaces with air jets
  • Right and left pneumatic side flaps with air jets
  • Frequency controlled air removal roller
  • Frequency controlled jogging motor with right or left rotation
  • Seven different tilt angles
  • Low pressure air blower

PRISM Paper Joggers Specifications

PRISM Paper Jogger specs
Note: Specifications subject to change without notice

Large Format Paper Jogger Machines

Schneider Engineering Large Format Paper Jogger
Schneider Engineering Large Format Paper Jogger

Schneider Engineering® Paper Jogger

Schneider Engineering Paper Joggers are tailored for custom and large format jogging needs. These joggers are equipped standard with air squeeze rollers and are streamlined for edge-to-edge jogging of pre-printed sheet material. Their modular construction allows for multiple applications and configurations.

Schneider Engineering Paper Jogger Features

  • Rugged framework
  • Multi-jogging feature
  • Adjustable back fence
  • Designed for large format product
  • Built for heavy loads