Accutrim HD Three Knife Paper Trimmer
Accutrim HD Three Knife Paper Trimmer

ACCUTRIM Three-Knife Trimmer HD 1680

Quality, Safety & Ease—No matter how you slice it

The most cost effective stand alone three-knife trimmer available, ACCUTRIM Three-Knife Trimmers feature automatic size adjustment using touchscreen controls.


  • Minor format changes in less than one minute
  • Complete format change in less than three minutes
  • PC-based machine control
  • Easy to use color touch screen for fast programming and troubleshooting
  • Versatile one- or two-person operation
  • 128 MB job storage
  • PILZ safety light barrier control

Method of Operation

Manual feeding of products to the infeed transport clamp is followed by automatic movement though the clamping and trimming cycles. To achieve the best trim quality, the knives are driven mechanically and the clamping is done hydraulically. Trimmed products can be automatically returned (for one operator mode) or delivered onto the outfeed conveyor. Automatic cycling (with adjustable timer delay) or push button single cycling can be selected. The programmable PC-based controller can store multiple jobs. Servo drives set the infeed carriage, head stop, and side knives automatically through the easy to use color touchscreen panel.

Standard Equipment

  • 1 set of cutting table cassettes (7 pcs)
  • Air device for aid in paper waste ejection (house air required)
  • Central lubrication system
  • Breakaway head stop (for use with case-bound books blocks)
  • Outfeed delivery conveyor (1 meter length)
  • 2 sets of high speed knives in protective boxes
  • 40 cutting sticks
  • Knife setting gauge
  • 2 sets of knife holders and supports
  • 1 set of tools with tool box
  • 4 pressing pad holders
  • 4 laminated wood pressing pads for standard sizes
  • 1 waste bin

Optional Accessories

  • Extra knife sets
  • Extra cutting sticks
  • Extended delivery conveyor
  • Extra knife holders and supports

ACCUTRIM Three-Knife Trimmer HD 1680 Machine Specifications

Accutrim HD 1680 specs
Note: Specifications subject to change without notice