Industrial Paper Cutting Machine & Industrial Paper Jogger Sales

Plus paper handling machines for every stage of the handling process and Microcut® computer controls for legacy cutters.

Industrial Guillotine Paper Cutters

PRISM cutters

Our powerful, affordable, high-performance machines.

SABER X 15 cutters

Our heavy duty, high endurance workhorse hydraulic paper cutter.

SABER XXL wide format cutters

A fully featured cutter designed for larger format cutting.

SABER X 15 Plus extra large format cutters

The go-to guillotine cutter for the largest jobs.

Paper Handling Systems

Paper Stack Lifts
Paper Stack Lifts

Paper Stack Lift
A tough lifter to keep the jobs moving.

Paper Joggers
Paper Joggers

Paper Joggers
Align your material for accuracy and efficiency.

Paper Loaders
Paper Loaders

Paper Loaders
Lift the efficiency of your guillotine paper cutter to new levels.

Paper Unloaders
Paper Unloaders

Paper Unloaders
Boost productivity by moving finished material away from the cutting line.

Wrap Tables
Wrap Tables

Wrap Table
Package jobs for delivery with ease.

Control Systems

Microcut computer controls

Bringing new life to legacy paper cutters regardless of brand or size

Microcut Transcend guillotine cutter safety

Microcut Transcend
Bringing guillotine cutter safety and control up to modern standards.

Precision Sheeter

CHM Precision Sheeters

CHM Precision Paper Sheeter
The most cost effective, space-efficient synchro fly twin knife sheeters available today.

Three Knife Industrial Paper Trimmers

Accutrim HD 1680 Trimmers

Accutrim HD 1680 Paper Trimmer
The most cost effective stand alone three-knife trimmer.

Accutrim On Demand Book Trimmers

Accutrim On Demand Paper Trimmer
The perfect machine for small to medium-sized runs needed at a moment's notice.