PRISM Industrial Paper Cutter
PRISM Industrial Paper Cutter

The PRISM® Paper Cutter

Quality, Safety & Ease - No matter how you slice it

PRISM paper cutters bring together the best paper cutting technology the world has to offer in an affordable, high-performance package. Combining a finely honed mechanical design and microcut® computer controls, PRISM cutters will provide years of quality, trouble-free operation and address the full spectrum of your cutting needs. Take a look through the PRISM–you'll like what you see.

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“We love it. It’s very smooth, robust, and just a good, solid machine. In this day and age, durability and stability are things you look for.”

Tom Slade, Slade Print

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Sizes Available

PRISM guillotine cutters come in four cutting sizes.

PRISM 31.5 inch
31.5" / 80cm
PRISM 36 inch
36" / 92cm
PRISM 45 inch
45" / 115cm
PRISM 54 inch
54" / 137cm


Looking through the PRISM. Here’s a glance at just some of what PRISM industrial cutters offer:
PRISM cutter Features
PRISM user friendly cutting system
Top-of-the-line Features
  • Our microcut® computer control unit with 15” color touch screen for automating backgauge movement is the most user-friendly system in the industry
  • Prism industrial paper cutters are all equipped with CIP 3 / 4 JDF capability and are all networkable with no additional hardware or software required
  • Cutting power is provided by a hydraulic clutch and time-tested worm gear design
  • Cushion contact clamping eliminates pile disturbance
  • High-speed steel knives (carbide optional) offer extended durability
Easily adjustable, programmable
Cutter computer controls
Simplified Usage
  • Set and save job data for future use in the PRISM memory (500,000+ programs)
  • Air table with built-in blower allows for easy material movement
  • One-hand control of the backgauge for fast and precise settings
  • Easily adjustable, electronic, programmable hydraulic clamping system
  • The knife lifting unit allows for fast, simple, safe knife changes
Sturdy, easy to maintain
Sturdy, easy to maintain cutter
Safe, Rugged Design
  • One-piece, chrome-plated, slotless cast iron table is sturdy and easy to maintain
  • Oversize chromed, cast iron side tables with air are standard
  • The knife bar is guided by dual gibs, engineered for rigidity and cutting accuracy
  • Ball screw and dual liner guide guarantee precise backgauge positioning
  • Our soft clamp foot treadle feature assures safe, easy use of the clamp
  • Numerous other features such as knife bar overloads, infrared light barriers

Standard Equipment

Here’s a glance at just some of what the PRISM guillotine cutter offers:

  • Main power switch with lock
  • 15” color LCD touch screen display for size input
  • Overload switch for main and air table motor
  • Overload protection with electronic monitoring
  • Wear-resistant hydraulic clutch
  • Variable hydraulic clamp pressure with electronic control
  • Two-hand cut release, with time delay and non-repeat
  • Safety latch (mechanical lock for knife carrier)
  • Infra-red photo eyes with self check circuit
  • Table light/optical cutting line indicator
  • Manual backgauge positioning (one-hand control)
  • Motorized backgauge, microcomputer controlled
  • Digital 15” color touch screen display with rotary measuring system
  • Non-volatile memory storage
  • Measuring systems: inches/metric
  • Automatic individual measurement positioning
  • Cut counter
  • Programming while cutting
  • Low pressure air table with blower
  • Chrome main and side table surface with air
  • Dual linear guides in rear
  • Slot free main table
  • False clamp (removable from the front side)
  • Two knives in storage box
  • Knife lifting device for quick knife change
  • Six plastic cutting sticks
  • Tools, operation manual and spare parts list

PRISM Specifications

PRISM paper cutter specs
Note: Specifications subject to change without notice