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PRISM Paper Cutter Video

Video Transcript:

Designed and built by Colter & Peterson, PRISM paper cutters offer advanced paper cutting technology and reliable performance at an affordable price. PRISM is available in paper cutting sizes of 31 and a half, 36, 45, or 54 inches.

At the center of the PRISM’s operation is the advanced microcut® computer control unit featuring a 15-inch color touch screen. Microcut allows for swift and accurate movement of the back gauge, and includes the ability to import, store, and edit job settings for maximum efficiency. The microcut is CIP 3 and CIP 4, JDF ready, and has networking available that requires no extra hardware or software. It gives you the ability to transfer the “cut-block-file” from the prepress software directly to the microcut for gang run and multiple-up jobs. This greatly reduces the operators time to program the cutter, and offers a more efficient cutting program.

The PRISM’s cutting power is delivered by a hydraulic clutch and our time-tested worm gear design. To ensure accurate cuts and to eliminate pile disturbance, the PRISM comes with an easily adjustable, programmable hydraulic clamping system.

PRISM paper cutters come standard with an air table and built-in blower that allows for easy movement of material. Included standard are the oversized, chromed, cast iron side tables, which also include air. The PRISM comes with a one-piece, chrome-plated slot-less cast-iron table with a dual linear guide backgauge.

Operator safety is built into the PRISM. It comes with infrared safety eye beams and push button safety controls. Foot treadle operation allows for soft clamping and is coupled with an infrared curtain interruption. The safety features are monitored by the microcut system at all times. All PRISM paper cutter models meet US machine safety standards and CE safety requirements.

All in all, the PRISM paper cutter is one of the best value machines on the market today.