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45" Polar 115 ED Cutting System [ID: 488]

Used Polar 45" 115 ED Cutting System Machine
Used Polar 45" 115 ED Cutting System Thumnail Photo One
Used Polar 45" 115 ED Cutting System Thumnail Photo Two
Used Polar 45" 115 ED Cutting System Thumnail Photo Three
Used Polar 45" 115 ED Cutting System Thumnail Photo Three
Used Polar 45" 115 ED Cutting System Thumnail Photo Three
Used Polar 45" 115 ED Cutting System Thumnail Photo Three
Used Polar 45" 115 ED Cutting System Thumnail Photo Three

Machine Specs

ID: 488

  • Type: "As-Is" Cutting System
  • Make: Polar
  • Model: 115 ED
  • Size: 45"
  • Sheet Width: 45"
  • Sheet Depth: 45"

Machine Details

This is a 45” Polar 115 Model ED cutting system. It comes with a programmable, high speed 45" Polar 115 ED paper cutter (2001) with oversize side tables with air and color touch screen programming. This cutter also has infrared light barriers and two hand cut controls. This Polar 115 Model ED is easy to use, fast and accurate and iis one of the most popular heavy duty paper cutters available today.

This system also comes with the following auxiliary equipment:

  • 2005 Polar RA-4 Jogger
  • 2005 Polar L-1000 Stack Lift
  • 2005 Transomat Unloader
  • 2005 Count by Weight Scale System

Machine Features

  • P1 Airflow System
  • Touch Screen programming
  • Safety Light Barrier
  • Two Handed Cut Control
  • Safety Clamp

Machine Condition

This is an "As-Is" Machine

"As-is"" machines are the most cost effective machines we offer for sale. These machines would be comparable to a machine you would buy from a machine listing service or auction website like Ebay. The reason this machine can be priced so economically is it comes in an "As-is" condition with no warranty.

If you would like to purchase a machine with a warranty that is backed by Colter & Peterson, select from these options: View All Certified Machines | View All Reconditioned Machines

Things to note about “As-is” machines:

  • All "As-is" machines were operating when removed from original location
  • The machine will be professionally disassembled
  • The machine will be packed for shipment which is included in our pricing
  • The machine will will include knives, tools, sticks and manuals
  • There is NO warranty offered on "As-is" machines
  • Machine assembly is not included

Additional Services Available:
These additional services are available for "As-Is" machines:

  • Freight
  • Unloading and assembly including rigging
  • Troubleshooting and repair
  • Updating as needed

Brand History

Polar equipment is manufactured by Polar-Mohr and sold via Heidelberg worldwide. Polar paper handling equipment was first introduced in 1939. Polar machines have long been very popular and are widely used to this day. Polar machines are known to be reliable and dependable. Colter & Peterson offers a large inventory of reconditioned Polar paper cutters and a vast array of Polar paper cutter parts. We also provide Polar paper cutter service for most models.

This Polar Cutting System is FOR SALE.

Fill out the form below or give us a call at 1.800.932.0780 x4 for more information about the Polar 45 115 ED.

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