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54 inch Polar paper cutter

E&M Bindery added another 54” Polar paper cutter to its collection from Colter & Peterson.

October 18, 2019

E&M Bindery and Finishing adds to collection of Colter & Peterson Polar paper cutters

After experiencing improved production and greater throughput by adding a reconditioned 54-inch Polar ED paper cutting system in late 2017, E&M Bindery and Finishing president Gary Markovits recognized its value. It's why he double downed and installed another same size Polar system from Colter & Peterson.

“We installed it in the first week of June and we are happy with the initial results,” said Markovits, who oversees a staff of 120 at the Clifton, New Jersey company. ‘Prior to buying the first 54-inch Polar, we had two that measured 45-inches and an older model, 54-inch cutter. The 54 inch machines have met our expectations and have outperformed the 45 inch cutter we had previously.”

Success leads to reinvestment for the future

Markovits knows how to capitalize on success. E&M is one of the top and most advanced binderies on the East coast, producing mechanical and perfect binding, die cutting, embossing/debossing, folding, laminating, collating, tabbing and more. E&M had a banner year in 2018. Sales increased to $8.6 million, up significantly from $7 million in 2017. 

He also has judiciously reinvested in more equipment to satisfy an impressive roster of clients. Operating from a 63,000 square-foot location not far from Manhattan, advertising agencies, commercial printers and publishers and print brokers from Florida to Maine keep the shop an active place.

“We run two shifts, five days a week but to keep up with demand, there are times where we go six days with a third shift when necessary,” said Markovits, adding there are periods where they work straight through the week. The type of work is far ranging, from mechanical, wiro-0/spiral and perfect binding, to saddle stitching, specialty finishing (including foil stamping, high-die cutting and gluing), cutting and other services.

20-25 percent greater throughput

We believe in providing excellent service to our customers and that’s what I’ve received from Colter & Peterson,” indicated Markovits. “With the two 54-inch Polars, the Transomat off-loading system and Polar jogging units, we are experiencing 20-25 percent greater throughput. The speed of the knives is really making a difference, and our operators love using these machines.”

One of the key selling points about Polar paper cutters is the versatility they offer. Markovits says one reason why throughput has improved is due to the greater amount of material his operators can cut per hour. The older and smaller machines they replaced simply could not equal the output.

“Depending on the substrate, we usually cut between five to six inches of material at a time,” he said. “Our client base requires a wide variety of work. The Polars can cut everything from offset sheets and board to plastic for cover stock and boxes. That’s where the speed of the knives is very impressive. It allows us to produce highly accurate cuts and the finished work looks great.”

We believe in providing excellent service to our customers and that’s what I’ve received from Colter & Peterson

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