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CHM industrial paper sheeter from Colter & Peterson

January 31, 2018

Orora Visual experiences 20-20 vision and success with CHM precision sheeter from Colter & Peterson

Colter & Peterson enjoyed tremendous success demonstrating the incredibly efficient CHM 1700 precision sheeter for prospective customers at PRINT 17 last September. The management team at Orora Visual in Clifton, New Jersey are already well aware of its benefits, having the foresight to become the first U.S. company to install the machine over two years ago.

The CHM 1700 precision sheeter is working fantastic for us,” said company President Joe Fishman. “The machine has a smaller footprint than all the sheeters we looked at. We’ve been running it day and night for two years.”

Orora Visual’s impact in the large format sheetfed segment is impressive for a number of reasons. The management team had the vision to purchase the highest quality equipment and boost productivity. By determining the CHM dual rotary knife precision sheeter fit their needs, it was added to an impressive equipment roster in mid-2015.

As North America’s largest independent distributor and foremost authority on paper cutters and paper handling equipment, Colter & Peterson has earned a well-deserved reputation for delivering outstanding, cost-effective equipment with many features. The CHM 1700 fits into this category, doing exactly what it was designed to do – provide high precision quality cutting (within a margin of +/-.020) for many types of paper and board.

It begins with the newest technology and Siemens electronics. Extremely versatile, the sheeter runs on servo motor drive systems for fast and consistent operation. With the capacity to develop 57-inch tall skids and handle 80-inch long sheets, it has slitter flexibility that is unrivaled. Combine the smallest footprint for its size in the marketplace, easy operation with touchscreen controls, and simple maintenance, and that’s why Orora Visual is enjoying success with the CHM 1700.

“This machine is a big part of our overall operation and has made us more productive,” explained Fishman. “It starts with faster make-readies. With a custom built side table, it is easy to change from paper to board and back again. We get to the print stage faster.”

A good portion of Orora Visual’s work in New Jersey is large format P-O-P for retail customers. The overwhelming majority of their digital, screen, UV and conventional presses are designed to handle this type of workload, which fluctuates between a mix of small and large runs. Having the CHM 1700 sheeter sets the table, especially when they must transition from paper to board. Being conveniently located to Colter & Peterson’s headquarters a short drive away also has its benefits.


C&P stands behind their machine with service and parts,” summed up Fishman. “They have been flexible to our needs in the planning, installation and follow-up when we need them.”

C&P stands behind their machine with service and parts. They have been flexible to our needs in the planning, installation and follow-up when we need them.

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