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Largest format paper cutter 141 inch SABER

May 16, 2017

Productivity soars after SGS adds new 141-inch Colter & Peterson SABER X-15 paper cutter

One of the tags lines SGS in Cincinnati uses to promote its capabilities is “We are Better. Faster. Leaner.” Talk about truth in advertising. Since adding a mammoth new 141” SABER® X-15 paper cutter with Microcut® from longtime service vendor Colter & Peterson in early January, its productivity numbers are literally through the roof.

“We really like it. The SABER X-15 is making our jobs much easier,” remarked James Grasso, the Finishing Supervisor at SGS, who quickly explained how much he likes it. “We use it to cut large wall panels that are printed digitally and used as backdrop displays in stores by some of our retail customers. Previously it was a very long process; we would cut 400 sheets per 8-hour shift. Now we cut the same amount in just one hour, and there are times we use the SABER for two or three consecutive shifts.”

SGS  is the packaging and marketing production arm of SGS Co, which is tasked with strategic brand design, adaptive design, integrated shopper marketing and other facets for top leading retailers such as Target and Wal-Mart, and other Fortune 500 brand names ranging from Loreal, Pepsico and Pfizer to Mondelez, Walgreens and Wrigley. Based on the east side of Cincinnati near the northern banks of the Ohio River, SGS employs about 200 workers.

Grasso, said there are no restrictions on what SGS is using the SABER X-15 to cut, including Eflute for square headers.

“We’ve used it to cut 24-point paper and other substrates. We cut 60 mil for 48” by 24” sheets that we run through our large HP flatbed printer,” informed Grasso. With the company since 2009, he manages a crew of 10 that operate two other Colter & Peterson serviced units: a 60” Polar and 54” SABER.

“The SABER X-15 also trims 100” sheets that we used a smaller guillotine for previously, but we had to bust it in half and cut each half separately. It’s only a matter of time before we use it for an 80 mil job; our customers are always stretching the limits of the machines. We cut a single sheet of 80 mil with the SABER and the blade went straight through. It was impressive since thick styrene is a really stout plastic material. Our smaller cutter couldn’t do it.”

Most cutters can’t match what the SABER X-15 brings to the table. Not many printers have a 141-inch paper cutter in their arsenal. It opens doors and others can’t match the capability and efficiencies it delivers. As Grasso explains, there is a lot to like about the machine and the automated Microcut computer control system, besides its size and reliability.


“The Microcut programs are nice and easy to use and we can do any large format size. We have a 15-inch touchscreen and the intuitive programming makes setting up jobs a snap,” said Grasso. “The laser light lets you see your cut mark so you can hit it exactly for what you need. The accuracy of the blade is very good. Once the file goes through, we just hit a button and it makes the cut. It’s also easy to remove the blade when it comes time to change it. We use it on a daily basis and so far, we’ve changed it three times, or about every five weeks.”

Previously it was a very long process; we would cut 400 sheets per 8-hour shift. Now we cut the same amount in just one hour.

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