Microcut Transcend for legacy paper cutters
Microcut Transcend for legacy paper cutters

microcut® Transcend Clamp/Cut Control Systems

Bring new life to your old paper cutter.

The microcut® Transcend paper cutter control system allows any flywheel cyclical paper cutting machine to be brought up to modern standards. The system is a complete clamp/cut control system that can replace an existing control system and is available as an OEM package for new machines.

(The system requires installation of a microcut PLUS WS backgauge control system for the operator interface.)

The microcut Transcend Control System Components

Microcut Transcend Paper Cutter Safety

Transcend Control PCB
Controls all clamping, cutting, and safety pin operation. Safety and expansion CPUs for monitoring, cross verification, and full machine control.

Paper Cutter knife safety

Knife position monitor
Monitors and sends knife motion and position status to the control system.

Paper Cutter knife delay

Clamp encoder assembly (Optional)
Monitors clamp motion for clamp lead (knife delay). Can interface to MIS system for paper height computations.

Paper Cutter safety control

Power panel
Interfaces the AC power components (Main motor, Air motor) and Circuit breakers (H3 drive and DC power supplies)

Paper Cutter safety curtain

Safety curtains
The system can interface with multiple curtain options.

Sensors that need to be provided or the sensors from the original machine that will be used:

Cut buttons, safety pin full in and full out, clamp treadle up, hand wheel sensor, and shear bolt sensor(s).

microcut Transcend Features

  • Full machine control with dual channel internal control
    • Two independent CPUs
    • Two independent oscillator-controlled fail safe channels
    • Two independent force-guided relays to control primary drive power
    • Cross monitoring
    • Full internal safety checking
  • Full status and diagnostics shown in microcut display
  • Voltage options for clamp and cut solenoids
  • Independent voltage option for safety pin power
  • Auto cut option
  • Clamp-only option
  • Cut optimize operation for machines with independent locking valve
  • Programmable clamp pressure
  • Auto stop down option for knife adjustment
  • Multiple safety curtain options
Additional inputs for:
  • Covers
  • Shear bolt(s)
  • E-stop
  • Foot treadle
  • Air paddle
  • Autotrim style table full in
  • Oil filter
  • Open inputs for future expansion

Additional output control for:
  • Second air zone
  • Load control
  • Autotrim style table
  • Air motor control

Important safety note:
The microcut Transcend system for legacy paper cutters is an electronic control only and will not compensate for mechanical or hydraulic shortcomings in the machine.

The microcut PLUS WS

The microcut Transcend Clamp/Cut Control Systems is powered by the versatile microcut PLUS WS

The C&P Microsystems microcut® PLUS WS backgauge control system is designed to automate backgauge movement on any used paper cutter regardless of brand or size. The system includes a state of the art drive control system with an intuitive, easy to use color touch screen operator interface integrating CIP3/4 compatibility that can replace existing control systems. It’s also available as an OEM package for new machines.

The microcut PLUS WS Components

Microcut Transcend retrofit box

Standard display retrofit box

Microcut Transcend display flat panel

Flat panel display with mounting box for built-in look

Microcut Transcend drive unit

H3 Drive unit for machine control interface and drive

Microcut Transcend shaft encoder

Shaft encoder for position information

Microcut Transcend backgauge motor

Backgauge motor for positioning

Microcut Transcend clamp sensor

Sensors for clamp, clamp shoe, position and cut if required.

microcut Transcend Specifications