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42" Dexter Lawson Pacemaker II Paper Cutter [ID: 375]

Used Dexter Lawson 42" Pacemaker II Paper Cutter Machine
Used Dexter Lawson 42" Pacemaker II Paper Cutter Thumnail Photo One
Used Dexter Lawson 42" Pacemaker II Paper Cutter Thumnail Photo Two

Machine Specs

ID: 375

  • Size: 42
  • Cutting Width: 42"
  • Cutting Depth: 42"

Price: $8,500

Machine Details

This Dexter Lawson 42 inch Pacemaker II paper cutter features a safety interlock kit, and a Microcut computer as shown. This cutter is currently running and can be seen under power. Priced to sell.

Machine Features

  • Microcut Computer
  • Single Arm Pull Gear box driven paper cutter
  • Safety interlock kit

Ready to Ship

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Machine Condition

Operating When Removed

"Operating When Removed" means this machine was working when removed from its original location. These machines are usually in storage and may need to be reassembled or repaired. They are being sold in an “as-is-where-is” condition with no warranty. They have NOT been inspected by Colter & Peterson technicians and are priced at a wholesale level. These machines are intended for dealer resale and/or bulk dealer purchases, primarily for markets abroad. All costs for loading and shipment are additional. Payment in advance is always required.

Brand History

Dexter Lawson--more commonly known as “Lawson”--was founded in 1890 in the United States. For over fifty years Lawson produced industrial paper cutters that were durable and dependable machines in sizes ranging from 42 to 110”. In 2003

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This machine is FOR SALE.

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