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SABER paper cutter saves times for packaging company

Their new SABER X-15 heavy duty paper cutter from Colter & Peterson has been working overtime.

November 20, 2015

Service satisfaction leads Allstate Paper Box to purchase new Colter & Peterson paper cutter

A few months shy of their 50th anniversary, Allstate Paper Box Company continues to perform above and beyond its clients’ expectations. The Newark, New Jersey based supplier of custom-made set-up boxes and packaging understands the importance of servicing its global customer base. The level of service they have experienced from local vendor Colter & Peterson also played a major role in the recent purchase of a new 54” Saber® X-15 cutter with Microcut®.

Colter & Peterson, North America’s largest independent distributor of paper cutters and paper handling equipment, has serviced Allstate’s paper cutters “since Peterson was in the paper cutter business,” quipped Robert Levine, Allstate Paper Box Company’s Vice President. “We had never bought a new machine from them but they have done an outstanding job of servicing our equipment,” he said, noting it is only a 20 to 30-minute drive from C&P’s offices in Paterson to the east side of Newark.

Allstate Paper Box Company provides its diverse customer base a variety of innovative boxes and uses the Saber X-15 to trim paper wraps for the boxes. Although the paper cutter wasn’t installed until late September, Levine said the day was a long time coming.

“We needed a new cutter and I remembered seeing the Saber at Drupa in 2012,” recalled Levine. “Our old Lawson Pacemaker was experiencing more problems and we needed a reliable and accurate machine since all of our work involves the cutter. With a focus on high quality, we run many boxes that need extremely tight registration and the Saber, with its high accuracy, was the right call for us.”

The Saber X-15, with a Microcut automated back gauge system and 15-inch touchscreen control panel, is an operator’s dream. Microcut improves efficiency by memorizing and recalls cutting sequences to position the Saber’s blade for precise cuts within 1/64th of an inch, another important selling point for Levine.

“We have Microcut with the same interface on the Lawson cutter, so our people who run the Saber were already familiar with it. We had absolutely no interruption to our schedules when the Saber was installed,” remarked Levine. “In fact, we are still using the Lawson. After we ordered the new machine, Colter & Peterson continued to maintain the Lawson and gave us a loaner until the Saber arrived.”

Demand is so strong that the Saber X-15 is being used for a 12-hour shift, six days a week.


“We are still working on inventory that needs to be delivered in time for the upcoming holiday season. As a full service, turn-key operation, we do everything from coming up with the box design idea to production and shipping. Our jobs can be small runs from 1,000 pieces up to the millions. All of our paper passes through the cutter at some point in the process and as such, we need a reliable and accurate cutter. I think the Saber is going to work out very well for us.”

“After we ordered the new machine, Colter & Peterson continued to maintain the Lawson and gave us a loaner until the Saber arrived.”

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