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SABER XXL paper cutter with computerized back gauge controls

Their custom SABER XXL paper cutter with computerized backgauge controls is producing fast, accurate cuts to within 1/64th of an inch.

November 10, 2014

SunShine Paper signs deal for Saber XXL paper cutter from Colter & Peterson

SunShine Paper Company in Aurora, Colorado, has completed the purchase of a custom 90” SABER® XXL paper cutter with Microcut® from Colter & Peterson. James Morland, VP Operations for SunShine, expects to take delivery of the unit in February.

The relationship between the two companies dates back to 1983 when SunShine bought a reconditioned 85” inch Seybold cutter. The worldwide leader in specially-engineered calibrated paper products for over 35 years, SunShine added another reconditioned Seybold machine of the same size from C&P in 2001. Morland said both units are active today, cutting material 10 hours a day, five days a week to serve a global market.

“Our business continues to grow and we cut between 60,000 to 80,000 custom size sheets of paper per day. It’s a very time-consuming process and we send our product to commercial printers on every continent,” said Morland, who joined the company in 1988.

“Reliability is obviously a key issue for us and we’ve been very happy with the work Colter & Peterson has done to keep our cutters in working order. I saw the SABER at the recent Graph Expo show and it was absolutely amazing. We need to square cut the sheets, so the SABER being accurate to within 1/64th of an inch is very impressive. The new hydraulics and electronics, plus the Microcut interface, are great. Bruce Peterson provided me with two references after we talked at Graph Expo, and his customers had nothing but praise for their SABER cutters.”

“I saw the Saber at the recent Graph Expo show and it was absolutely amazing.”

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