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PRISM 36 inch industrial paper cutter with Microcut back gauge control

Wallace with their new 36 inch heavy duty paper cutter with Microcut computerized backgauge controls.

January 21, 2016

Wallace Printing off to fast start with new Colter & Peterson Prism paper cutter

The rigid structure of the U.S. Air Force helped lead Dan Wallace down the path of success. It provided a solid foundation that after gaining valuable experience in the printing business, he started Wallace Printing from his garage in Newton, North Carolina in 1989. Twenty-seven years later, his small company of 10 employees is a big success.

One of the reasons for Wallace Printing’s success is Dan’s decision-making. He still has the one color press from his early garage days but invested wisely by adding two and five color presses to satisfy his growing business. Faced with a need to replace a 30-year-old paper cutter, Dan did his homework and found the answer. In early December, a new 36” Prism® paper cutter with Microcut® from Colter & Peterson was installed. He couldn’t be happier with the early results.

“The cutter is doing everything we need it to do. I had one small issue early on, but Colter & Peterson's Rich Peereboom drove three hours to fix it and I’m very pleased with its operation,” said Wallace. “The customer response by Rich, I’ve never had anyone do anything like it. I was tickled to death.”

That’s a huge endorsement from Wallace, who served four years in the Air Force as a military policeman. After the native of Hickory, North Carolina left the service, he got married, returned home and went to work as a county deputy. A now-defunct printing company, Meredith-Burda, later moved to the Newton area and Wallace was “one of 10 people they hired who had absolutely no printing experience. They had four shifts, so I worked three days and was off the other four, and that’s how I learned about the printing business.”

The spare time led Dan to open Wallace Printing in his garage, doing it part-time for nearly two years before R.R. Donnelly bought Meredith-Burda. That’s when Wallace decided to go out on his own full time.

Wallace Printing today is run by President Kim Repaire, Dan’s daughter. It operates from a 12,000 square-foot facility they moved into in 2001 and services a mostly local clientele; the majority of their business is within a radius of 150 miles from Newton, located in western North Carolina and only 35 miles from Charlotte. Dan says the one-shift shop handles more offset work than digital and wide format, doing printing for many county school systems and area universities including the University of North Carolina-Charlotte.

“We do a lot of quick turnaround work. No one wants to wait on printing anymore,” laughs Wallace, who counts on a 5-color Komori press with coater to go with a pair of 2-color Ryobis. “We run the gamut and print everything from commercial bank products to activity calendars.”

Wallace said his 30-year-old paper cutter was bought used, fueling a desire to replace it with a new model. “A sales rep from Fujifilm knew I was looking for a replacement and he suggested I contact Colter & Peterson. Rich Peereboom showed me every line C&P carries and I liked the technology of the Prism. I talked to people in the industry who had good luck with the machine, and I decided to go with the Prism because I felt it was the best bang for the buck.”

The Prism line has earned a reputation for high performance, outstanding reliability, and state-of-the-art electronics technology, with high-speed steel knives providing long lasting durability. The automated Microcut® computer control system is an extremely effective time and costs savings solution. It stores and recalls cutting sequences so the back gauge automatically positions itself for each individual cut. Programs can be uploaded from a network or with a USB device using CIP 3/4 files.


“I really like all the safety features of the machine. The accuracy is dead-on, and the quick cut feature speeds up the process to turn the paper much quicker than the old cutter we replaced. With the automatic cut, I can preset and press a button one time for a series of labels instead of standing there and pressing it each and every time. Overall, I’m very pleased with the whole operation, and the delivery and installation was as simple as it could be.”

“The customer response by [Colter & Peterson], I’ve never had anyone do anything like it. I was tickled to death.”

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