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SABER X-15 Plus (The Beast) Paper Cutter Video

Video Transcript:

Meet the beast: this is the SABER X-15 PLUS, designed and built by Colter & Peterson. One of the largest paper cutters on the market today, the SABER X-15 PLUS has a maximum cut height of 5 inches and a cutting width of 141 inches.

If you need to cut a high volume of sheets and you currently rely on an expensive X/Y axis plotter cutter, the SABER X-15 PLUS is the right machine for you. A large percentage of jobs involve cutting squares and rectangles, which is very time consuming on X/Y axis plotter cutters. The SABER X-15 PLUS is more efficient at these special cuts and can handle more material at one time.

This cutter has been designed specifically for large format cutting. The largest common substrate is 63 by 126 inches, and the diagonal of that sheet is 140.9 inches. Because of its massive 141 inch cutting width, the SABER X-15 PLUS is ideal for turning material inside the machine, which makes jobs move more quickly and efficiently.

This workhorse gets its powerful and stable cuts thanks to double-end-pull programmable hydraulic cylinders on either end of the machine. The SABER X-15 PLUS allows for angle standard cutting or parallel cutting for heavy or thicker material, and also features easy knife adjustments.

The SABER X-15 PLUS is controlled by a 15-inch color touch screen microcut® computer system with an intuitive graphic interface that makes programming fast and easy. The microcut system is CIP 3, CIP 4, JDF ready, and has networking available that requires no extra hardware or software. It gives you the ability to transfer the “cut-block-file” from the prepress software directly to the microcut for gang run and multiple-up jobs. This greatly reduces the operators time to program the cutter, and offers a more efficient cutting program.

Other features of the SABER X-15 PLUS include:

  • Variable clamping pressure,
  • Variable knife speed to assist in the cutting of various product types,
  • Energy efficient main motors that operate only during cutting or clamping
  • Chrome front air tables and stainless steel rear air tables

With a machine this size, operator safety is very important. The safety features of the SABER X-15 PLUS are monitored by microcut at all times. It features infrared safety eye beams and push button safety controls. Foot treadle operation for soft clamping is coupled with infrared safety curtain interruption. The safety features are monitored by the microcut system at all times. All SABER paper cutter models meet US machine safety standards, CSA, and CE safety requirements.

To help move format stock the SABER X-15 PLUS has an available movable front air table.

When it comes to taking on large-format cutting jobs, nothing compares to the SABER X-15 PLUS.