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Microcut Transcend clamp control system

March 14, 2017

GOA crowd approves Colter & Peterson’s new Microcut Cutter Control System

There was some concern over a new venue for last month’s Graphics of the Americas, but for Colter & Peterson that was put to rest on the first day of the show. Moving up the coast from Miami to Ft. Lauderdale did not put a damper on booth traffic or sales for the three day event, which was held February 16-18 at the Broward Convention Center.

Displaying the impressive new Microcut® Cutter Control System led to better than expected results, said Richard Peereboom, Colter & Peterson’s Sales Manager for Latin America.

“Quite frankly, I was really surprised by the turnout. The change of venue did not have a negative impact on attendance,” remarked Peereboom, who indicated the audience contained a mix of visitors from Central America, South America and the southeast United States. “The first day of the show was extremely busy and we had steady traffic the next two days. From an attendance standpoint, I thought it was a better show than last year in Miami.”

Peereboom said C&P sold several Microcut systems and did additional residual business with local and overseas dealers.

“We had new people visit our booth. Overall, I’d say the vibe was very positive and more upbeat. The new Cutter Control System had something to do with that attitude, but I think the U.S. dollar having stabilized in the last year also played a role,” indicated Peereboom, who will test that theory in two months. He said Microcut/Colter & Peterson will exhibit at Expografica in Guadalajara, Mexico, May 17-20.

The Graphics of the Americas crowd found plenty of value in the new 15” Microcut Cutter Control System retrofit, as well as the different sizes of the automated back gauge system that were also available. The next generation paper cutter control package offers a turnkey clamp/control system with the newest electronics. Peereboom says that means any flywheel cyclical paper cutter can easily and affordably be brought up to current standards.

“Like all of our Microcut packages, it makes any size paper cutter between 20-150 inches more productive so they handle work others can’t, in the same amount of time. The Microcut Cutter Control System has new software with enhanced graphics for converted JDF files. Along with the other benefits, nothing else can match it in the marketplace.”


Peereboom said the new software update also makes it more user-friendly. Designed for larger format printers, it has a wide format touch screen and money-saving microcip® and microfacts® features. Programs can be uploaded from the network connection with a USB device using CIP3 and CIP4 files, with no additional hardware or software required.

The next generation paper cutter control package offers a turnkey clamp/control system with the newest electronics.

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