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Expografica newest automated paper cutter controls

May 03, 2017

Microcut, Ultimate TechnoGraphics to offer combined software, new Cutter Control system at Expografica

Automation continues to spark exciting new developments in the printing industry, and two leading companies are teaming up side-by-side to showcase a unique system featuring the newest automation at Expografica. Set for May 17-20 in Guadalajara, Mexico, Microcut (booth 805) will demonstrate how job files that contain cut block information created by Ultimate TechnoGraphics Inc’s (booth 803) imposition software can be converted by a Microcut® PLUS retrofit or Cutter Control System.

The automated Microcut Plus back gauge system improves productivity for any brand paper cutter from 20-141 inches in size, and is outfitted to nearly every new machine manufactured and installed by Colter & Peterson, North America’s largest independent distributor of paper cutters and paper handling equipment.

Ultimate TechnoGraphics Inc. brings to market next generation dynamic and automated software solutions to reduce make-ready, such as imposition and finishing. Ultimate TechnoGraphics invented digital imposition with the release of Impostrip® in 1989, and has since provided solutions for customers worldwide with a high level of knowledge and experience in this space.

Microcut PLUS is a next generation paper cutter control package and the newest development from the wildly successful Microcut brand, which is approaching 35,000 installations worldwide. The huge advantage for a shop is that Ultimate’s imposition software works with the Microcut PLUS cutter control system on Colter & Peterson’s PRISM® and SABER® brand paper cutters and with any Microcut retrofit system that can be installed on almost any brand cutter such as Polar, Perfecta, Wohlenberg, Lawson, Challenge and many more..

“This cooperative effort between our two companies is a welcome solution for Print Service Providers who are looking to improve their efficiencies,” said Richard Peereboom, C&P’s Sales Manager for Latin America.

“Our Microcut Cutter Control system is a unique, turnkey clamp/control system. Built with the latest electronics, it makes any flywheel cyclical paper cutter current with today’s standards. Using Ultimate’s imposition software will result in a significant reduction of time spent on make-ready. The job layout is defined by the Impostrip JDF file, which now speeds the process by providing essential cut block information to the paper cutter operator. It will save any print operation a significant amount of time.”

“Only one missed cut on a guillotine can ruin a whole job,” says Julie Watson, Ultimate TechnoGraphics CEO. “Knowing where to cut and in what order can save operators a lot of time. Using Ultimate Bindery® in combination with Microcut, the process is uniform and customers can be sure to get their work done exactly the same way every time.”


Peereboom says Microcut PLUS is a great selection for larger format printers. User-friendly with a 12” wide format touch screen, it offers an enhanced graphics package for converted JDF files, and money-saving microcip® and microfacts® features. He said programs are uploaded from the network connection with a USB device using CIP3 and CIP4 files, and no additional hardware or software is needed.

The Microcut retrofit system can be installed on almost any brand cutter such as Polar, Perfecta, Wohlenberg, Lawson, Challenge and many more.

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