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Cuttermart service allows customers to purchase new, rebuilt or pre-certified paper cutters

Cuttermart offers Certified Used and Reconditioned Machines for less while still offering peace of mind.

December 13, 2018

Colter & Peterson’s new Cuttermart offers value, service, peace-of-mind and more

While eBay is a popular site to buy clothing or power tools, Colter & Peterson’s President and CEO reminds shoppers auction websites are no place to buy a paper cutting system. That’s why Bruce Peterson created Cuttermart, a safe online resource with a wide selection of machines that protects customer investments.

As North America’s largest independent distributor of industrial paper cutters and paper handling equipment, Colter & Peterson has built its reputation by taking care of and servicing customers. Its industry-leading PRISM® and SABER® paper cutter lines are extremely popular and highly productive with Microcut electronics packages. C&P also offers reconditioned and certified used machines that pass rigid test standards.

Buyer beware

“I’ve heard of people buying paper cutters over the internet from unknown sellers. To that I say, buyer beware,” says Peterson. “Some may work and some may not, and there is the added cost when it breaks down. That’s why we have Cuttermart. Our program, which is accessed through our website, offers customers across-the-board assurance whether they are buying a new product, a machine we have rebuilt or a machine that is certified used.”

The numbers tell the story

Peterson further explained the steps that C&P takes with customers in mind who are considering pre-owned paper cutters or paper handling systems.

“Since my grandfather opened the business in 1932, we have sold and installed over 10,000 machines ranging in size from 19 inches up to 149-inches wide. We carry many different models including Harris-Seybold, Dexter-Lawson, Challenge, Polar and Wohlenberg. A well-built paper cutter, if properly maintained, can be functional for decades.

“The machines we rebuild or sell as certified used have all met specific performance criteria. Before we offer them, they have been cleaned, run, and tested to assure they are in good condition. The knives have been sharpened and if we found any part that was broken, we’ve replaced it and made sure the machine is in safe working order. And we support our work by offering customers a limited warranty, something you won’t find on the Internet.”

Customers find the machine they need quickly at Cuttermart

Peterson said another advantage of Cuttermart is its ability to provide a customer what they need in a short amount of time.

“Many times we get inquiries because a shop knows it is time to replace an aging machine that is experiencing problems. It may not be reliable anymore, parts may be hard to find to replace, or it is simply no longer cost effective. Others have had a machine break down and need an immediate replacement.

At Cuttermart, we usually have over 100 machines in stock. Whether it is a Cuttermart Certified Used Machine or Cuttermart Reconditioned Machine, there is something available at every price level. Some machines can ship within one to two weeks. That’s also true for new equipment, such as our paper joggers, paper stack lifts and automatic unloaders, as well as three-knife trimmers. If a customer is looking for service & repair, knife grinding services or help moving or transporting their heavy duty cutting machines, we can assist with that too.”

“Some may work and some may not, and there is the added cost when it breaks down.”

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