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Large format paper cutter for print and screen shop

May 23, 2018

With a population of about 15,000 people, Traverse City, Michigan may not be very large but one of its companies has a big reputation that’s getting wider.


Industrial paper cutter with computer controls

May 18, 2018

Good decisions make good businesses better. Management at Piedmont Graphics forecasted increased business for 2017, so they took a proactive position and installed a new 45-inch SABER® paper cutter from Colter & Peterson 15 months ago.


PRISM heavy duty paper cutter with backgauge controls

May 10, 2018

Working is a small and successful print shop often requires employees to know most if not all of the equipment, rolling up their sleeves and doing whatever it takes to get the job done. The crew at Bourne Brothers in Hattiesburg, MS know the drill.


PRISM paper cutter improves productivity for print shop

May 10, 2018

Scott Ruple knew productivity would increase at Bourne Brothers once installation of a new 36-inch PRISM® paper cutter with Microcut® from Colter & Peterson was completed.


SABER paper cutter saves money for print shop

April 17, 2018

Earlier this month, the employees of Team Concept Printing in Carol Stream, IL had good reason to celebrate. Located 30 miles west of Chicago, the shop’s owners marked its 20th anniversary by hosting a company party at the nearby Arcada Theater’s speakeasy. The last year has been particularly rewarding for TCP, hiring more employees and adding equipment to keep up with an increase in business.


SABER paper cutter safety features

January 10, 2018

John Miller makes no small plans. The owner of Mid-States Graphics in suburban Chicago has fostered a busy year, opening new space last month after expanding his Hanover Park location from 45,000 to 70,000 square feet.


SABER paper cutter with Microcut controls saves time

December 26, 2017

Mailings Unlimited installed a new top-of-the-line 37-inch SABER® paper cutter with Microcut® PLUS electronics from Colter & Peterson two months ago. Co-owner Jon Webel says it played an instrumental role during one of Portland, ME digital shop’s busiest periods of the year, and he expects the automation capabilities of the cutter will boost productivity to greater heights in 2018.


Rebuilt Lawson industrial paper cutter with computer controls

December 06, 2017

Eight months ago, Colony Packaging & Machine made the biggest decision in its 53-year history by changing its name. Formerly known as Colony Paper, the new name better reflects how the family owned, third generation-run business has evolved since three war veterans opened the shop in 1964.


Microcut computer controls for legacy paper cutters

November 27, 2017

Good things come in small packages, and the staff at Alexander Clark Printing in Boise, ID know it’s true. Last summer they had to replace a small size paper cutter that had to fit a constricted space. Some research and a recommendation from a local dealer led them to selecting a new PRISM® P80 with Microcut® electronics. The dynamic 30-inch paper cutter from Colter & Peterson has so far delivered a boatload of positive results since being installed in early September.


SABER XXL wide format paper cutter with Microcut PLUS

September 28, 2017

The plastics industry is experiencing tremendous growth and K&R Plastics ( in Austin, TX is part of the movement. The family owned and operated firm decided to replace an older paper cutter with a machine that’s faster, more productive, offers incredibly precise accuracy and yields key data for more informed decisions.


SABER guillotine paper cutter with Microcut PLUS system

September 14, 2017

BC&B Graphics does a sizeable amount of high visibility work for Philadelphia market and southern New Jersey clients. The action doesn’t get any faster than fulfilling high demand print requests for a prominent casino customer, where job creation and turnaround is often measured in hours.


Polar paper cutter with automated backgauge

June 20, 2017

The new school year for many students won’t begin until mid to late August, but for ACCO Brands Corp. the back-to-school season is nearing the finish line. The Alexandria, PA operation manufactures and distributes over 100 million academic and office products annually, including different size covers for FIVE STAR® notebooks.


SABER industrial paper cutter with dual arms

May 24, 2017

Two years ago, Team Concept Printing in Carol Stream, IL purchased a new 45” SABER® paper cutter from Colter & Peterson to handle an influx of work. Experiencing more growth and needing another machine, management didn’t hesitate returning to its source. Three months ago they installed another 45” SABER, a reconditioned unit complete with an automated Microcut® Plus electronics system. And their productivity continues to flourish.


Largest format paper cutter 141 inch SABER

May 16, 2017

One of the tags lines SGS in Cincinnati uses to promote its capabilities is “We are Better. Faster. Leaner.” Talk about truth in advertising. Since adding a mammoth new 141” SABER® X-15 paper cutter with Microcut® from longtime service vendor Colter & Peterson in early January, its productivity numbers are literally through the roof.


Rebuilt Challenge industrial paper cutter

March 07, 2017

Ray Andrejcik goes to school every day. As Office Services coordinator at Mercer County Community College in West Windsor, NJ, he manages the day-to-day operations of the print shop and mailroom. With only two co-workers, his team produces 1.5 million pieces of work annually, including the campus in downtown Trenton.


PRISM heavy duty paper cutter for plexiglas

February 28, 2017

Look around Philadelphia and areas throughout New Jersey and chances are good you’ll find BC&B Graphics’ work. The Pennsauken, NJ full service printer is the go-to source for high profile customers, and they also perform on the national stage for prominent casino clients. Playing at that level requires the best, which is why they went all-in for a second time with another reconditioned 45” PRISM® paper cutter from Colter & Peterson.


PRISM heavy duty paper cutter safety features

February 27, 2017

With shrinking budgets more commonplace these days for taxing bodies of government, state agencies are not immune to shortfalls or equipment snafus. Mike Pobega, Deputy Director and Production Manager of the New York City Human Resources Administration’s print shop, knows this too well.


Cutter Control System for print operations

February 09, 2017

When Microcut/Colter & Peterson exhibits at the February 16-18 Graphics of the Americas Show in Florida, it will display the impressive new Microcut® PLUS Cutter Control System.


75 inch and 110 inch SABER paper cutters

January 16, 2017

Family owned and operated Philipp Litho of Grafton, Wisconsin has relied on a skilled workforce, sound management principles and high quality equipment since 1913. A heavyweight supplier in the corrugated industry, a recent equipment purchase is typical of their track record.


Reconditioned 54” Colter & Peterson SABER® paper cutter

December 20, 2016

For the last 22 years, the management team at Paradigm Printing in Dalton, Georgia has built its success on outstanding work. Balancing new equipment purchases featuring cutting-edge technology with a talented and highly experienced staff has led to impressive results.


SABER paper cutter with infeed table and flip gate that front loads

November 29, 2016

When a sports team finds a lineup that produces wins, it tends to stick with what works. The same holds true for market-leading companies.


Rebuilt 45 inch PRISM with Microcut back gauge control

August 18, 2016

Small companies serve as the backbone of U.S. business, so count Valley Die Cutting among them. The New Jersey company started in a garage over 50 years ago, is experiencing a growth phase that led owner John Dwyer to make some critical decisions.


PRISM 36 inch industrial paper cutter with Microcut back guage control.

March 09, 2016

In less than 12 years, Avanzado has grown to become one of the largest minority-owned digital print and communication solution providers in the Midwest. They did so by developing and expanding a next generation Automated Marketing Platform (AMP) with print sales to service a Who’s Who corporate client roster.


Large format industrial paper cutter

February 22, 2016

Paper Cutters Inc. owner and President Randy Mathena, has lived by the motto “The Greatest Ability is Dependability”. His company, a custom converter of paper and paperboard products in Greenville, South Carolina, has found success with those words for 35 years.


PRISM 36 inch industrial paper cutter with Microcut back gauge control

January 21, 2016

The rigid structure of the U.S. Air Force helped lead Dan Wallace down the path of success. It provided a solid foundation that after gaining valuable experience in the printing business, he started Wallace Printing from his garage in Newton, North Carolina in 1989. Faced with a need to replace a 30-year-old paper cutter, Dan did his homework and found the answer. In early December, a new 36” Prism® paper cutter with Microcut® from Colter & Peterson was installed. He couldn’t be happier with the early results.


Adams Direct Media with PRISM industrial paper cutter from Colter & Peterson

July 30, 2015

Business has blossomed for Adams Direct & Media Services and their direct mail side is attracting larger size clients. That growth has triggered various equipment upgrades – including the back-end operation – with the purchase from Colter & Peterson of a 30” PRISM® paper cutter in 2012 and a recently added 31.5” PRISM, both outfitted with the Microcut® computer control system.


PRISM industrial paper cutter with Microcut computer controls

June 17, 2015

Since purchasing an Accutrim HD1680 three-knife trimmer in January 2014, business at G&H Soho Inc. at times has resembled a stock market bull run. The New Jersey digital book printer strategically got in front of the curve to handle new business, and owners Jim Harris and Gerry Burstein are hoping to catch lightning in a bottle a second time.


United Paper Box's 45

May 20, 2015

It was three years ago when Mike LeClair, General Manager of United Paper Box Co. in Holyoke, Massachusetts, began to learn what makes Colter & Peterson North America’s foremost authority of paper cutters and paper handling equipment.


SABER X-15 paper cutter with automated backgauge

April 21, 2015

Many successful teams build by adding key pieces over a period of time. Team Concept Printing in Carol Stream, Illinois, a western suburb of Chicago, certainly fits into that category.